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Automate all your fund data :

Whether you wish to feed your database with tens of thousands of funds or simply display the most recent data available on your website or on any other type of media, our API will meet your needs.

The EURONEXT Funds360 API allows you to retrieve a multitude of data points on Funds and on the Asset Management firms.

HTTPS compatible, our REST API will allow you to retrieve all the data you want in different formats (JSON/CSV/XML).

About our API...

The API is in REST format: whichever language you use, you only need a simple HTTP client
The default return format is JSON but it is can also be XML or CSV compatible
HTTPS compatible, high availability and minimum response time

Access all the information on funds :

The Funds

Hundreds of characteristics, ratios, historical prices and coupons, Corporate actions... on all our funds

Fund Management firms

The information on Asset Management firms approved by the European supervisory authorities (AMF, CSSF, FCA, etc.).

The Portfolio Managers

Detailed information on the main European fund managers.

Life Insurance Schemes

Characteristics, lists of UCITS and "Euro" funds carried by hundreds of life insurance schemes

The documents

Regulatory (KIIDs, prospectus...) and commercial (weekly, monthly reporting...).


Find the different fund ratings.

SCPI (Real estate)

Characteristics, subscription price, capitalization, ...

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